Technology Skills Assessment

Technology skills assessment calls for an evaluation of a person’s technological skills and knowledge. It involves examination of the person’s comfort with technology, his ease with technological equipments and an evaluation of his knowledge regarding technological concepts. Based on the person conducting the assessment, technological assessment can be of two types: self-assessment or assessment conducted by a third person.

Sample Technology Skills Assessment

Technology skills assessment conducted by: Jerome Warner, Chief Technology Assessor.

Date of submission of assessment report: May 16, 2012.

Objective: To assess the subject’s proficiency in technology.

Name of the assessee: Nick Dalloway.

Age: 16 years.

Occupation: Student.

Assessment procedure:

The assessment was conducted in three parts:

  • Part One: In the first level of the assessment, the subject was made to sit through a theoretical test designed to test his conceptual knowledge regarding technology. The process involves testing his level of familiarity with technology and the extent of his theoretical knowledge.
  • Part Two: The second level comprises of a practical basic skills test that aims to test the subject’s hands-on experience with technology. The process involves evaluation of technological skills that any technological literate of his age must be familiar with.
  • Part Three: The third level is a kind of psychological test to understand the subject’s technological acumen or intelligence and thereby process the subject’s ability to grasp technological skills and knowledge or assess the subject’s technological interest.


  • The subject is found to be theoretically sound regarding technology. He is familiar with the technological concepts and is found to be completely at ease with technological equipments.
  • The basic skills test revealed the subject’s expertise in technological skills and his ability to apply his theoretical knowledge in practice. The subject was also found to be completely calm and comfortable with solving technological problems.
  • The psychological test revealed that the subject has quite a gift with technology. He is found to be extremely technology friendly to an almost obsessive level. He also possesses a sharp technological intelligence that makes him so brilliant with technology.

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