Tips for Online Job Assessment

Job assessment

Job assessment or career assessment is helpful in understanding different types of personal attributes of an individual. Personal attributes may include skills, motivation, interests, aptitudes, etc. These attributes are assessed by human resource services, career counselors, executive counselors etc. Most of the companies are recruiting using online assessments. By this method the assessor assesses how the employee is suitable to serve within the company. Here are some of the tips for online job assessment.

Tips for online job assessments

Honesty: here the recruiters expect honest answers. In this test same type of questions are asked in different ways. Recruiters should mainly concentrate on occurrence of any discrepancies or any errors in the employee’s or interviewee’s answers. Recruiters should prepare a list of questions to ask the candidates. Questions may be prepared on own or questionnaire may be purchased.

  • Interviewee should try to avoid assumptions of his/her own ability. If the interviewee can guess the type of test, then he/she could practice different type of online test assessments. Time is very important in online test assessment. Try to divide the time efficiently. Reading the instructions is very important in any kind of assessment test.
  • Candidate should be free to accept the feedback from the assessor which puts the candidate’s activity patterns into view and shows a high degree of self-knowledge. Recruiters should prepare questions and answers which contain various sections, instructions and scoring. Remove all the distractions. Assessment tests are used in career planning process for the candidates who are confused in planning the career.
  • The candidates should relax and respond the questions honestly. Should read the questions slowly, if necessary should read for twice or thrice. When candidates feel they are taking a long time in a particular question, they should switch to the next question. In the last they should try to answer the missed questions.
  • A good career assessment considers the candidate’s motivation, strengths, aptitudes and interests. Being calm and concentrated is very important in an online assessment. Candidates should be steady in answering questions, and try to avoid rushing through the questions. Candidates should try to give concise and clear answers.
  • Online job interview success mainly depends upon good internet connectivity. When the online interviews are conducted using a webcam then the background plays a very important role. Background may include lighting, situation of the room, people etc.

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