Trainer Assessment

The trainer assessment is specifically created for assessing the trainer and his skills for implementing a training program to the trainees. This is an effective method through which the training institution is able to determine the effective skills of its various trainers and their needs. This assessment is also useful in enhancing the training competencies for a training institute by overcoming the shortcomings of a trainer. The training assessment must highlight the standard objectives and the results measured against the set standards.

Sample Trainer Assessment

The Trainer Assessment has been conducted by the HR Department of Magic Marker Corporations.

Name of Trainer: Matthew Stevens

Trainer for: Technology Operations

Date of Assessment: 14.7.2012

Objectives of Trainer Assessment:

  • The instructor must have a proper grasp of the aims and goals of the company that they wish to achieve through the training sessions.
  • He must be well acquainted with the intricacies and workings of the new technology introduced to the company.
  • The instructor must incorporate new and innovative methods of teaching the trainees on how to operate the machinery.
  • He must also be open to questions and queries that will be placed during the training sessions by various trainees.
  • He must also be able to compile a proper evaluation report on the sessions made to be sent to the company as form of feedback.


Mr. Stevens has managed to incorporate all the goals of Magic Marker Corp in the training sessions and has successfully conducted several sessions dealing with various new technological equipment.

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