Trainer Skills Assessment

Trainer skills assessment is a test that is used to determine the skills of the trainers of a certain sport. Training a trainer and then taking the assessment is a concept that all professional trainers go through their life during various phases of their career and for various reasons, the biggest being when he/she joins a new academy/club. These tests are very accurate and help in assessing the skills and coaching powers of the trainer and his/her acquaintance at using state-of-the-art training facilities and all other minutes that may be important for judging his future at the academy/club.

Sample Trainer Skills Assessment:

Name: Ram Dawson.

Age: 56 years.

Sports academy/club of candidate: Manchester United.

Game with which the trainer is associated with: Football.

Date of evaluation: May 21, 2012.

Conducted by: St. Columbus Assessment foundations, New York.

Tests undertaken by the candidate:

  • Technical fitness: The candidate is asked to coach a group of 11boys on the basics of football that include the ways of the game, defense techniques, attack techniques, special skills for specified positions and agility. The candidate scored a 17 on 20 in this round.
  • Written test: The candidate was asked to appear for a written test that asked the candidate to express his views on various agendas regarding to world soccer and his knowledge of the official laws of the game as specified by FIFA. Score 85 on 100.
  • Mental strengths and positive vibes: This test is a very important one as it is on these two factors that the performance of a trainer depend the maximum. The candidate is asked to face situations of crisis and his/her reactions to them are noticed. Manipulation skills are a big bonus in this test and the candidate is asked to manipulate a player to stay back at the club.  The candidate fared well with a Score of 17 on 25.

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