Training Job Assessment

Training job assessment measures the quality of training associated with a job. It is a process of technically accounting the factors of training and their level of acquisition to qualify for a said job. Therefore, it must be done qualitatively by a human resource expert by fine tuning the core concepts of training.

Sample Training Job Assessment

Name of the person: Jane Ginger

Name of the company: Unit Care Centre for Children

Year of establishment: 2005

Job position: Senior caretaker

Nature of job: The job is primarily care-oriented in nature in which the attendants have to look after children below the age of 6 years in a crèche on behalf of their working mothers and fathers. It focuses on building up of the intellectual, psychological and physical aspects of the child and preparing them to step into the outside world with confidence.

Purpose of assessment: The assessment result would showcase the type of training and learning required for a child care job and the tasks specific to it.

Monthly salary:

  • $5000 for junior level jobs
  • $ 7000 for senior level jobs

Tasks in which training is imparted are as follows:

  • Enforcing discipline in children to be responsible for their own acts
  • Giving toilet training to children so that they learn to report when they want to go to potty
  • Make them play ball games, board games and toy games to exercise their muscles and skills
  • Teach simple artistic activities like painting, dancing, singing and crafts
  • Remain attentive to the child’s needs and attend to them sporadically

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