Tree Health Assessment

A tree health assessment is a unique yet significant document that completely focuses on the health of trees, identifying various health problems of trees, analyzing the potential of harmful agents to cause harm to trees and finally devising methods to protect trees from a variety of possible diseases.

Sample Tree Health Assessment

Name of the organization conducting the assessment: New York Society of Greenery

Tree health assessment prepared by: Mr. Johnny Richard Smith

Executive Director

Department for Management of Tree Health

Date of assessment: 17th May, 2011

Area of assessment: Road-side trees of New York City.

Purpose of tree health assessment:

Trees form an important resource of nature and contribute a lot towards the existence of other forms of life on earth by bringing in fresh air and oxygen, pure rains, various fruits and foods, and, most importantly, by maintaining the ecological balance. Hence it is very essential to assess their health conditions in a regular interval and also work for the development of faulty sections.

Tree health assessment overview:

  • The leaves of almost 65% of the trees were found to be yellowish, which is scientifically identified to be suffering from chlorosis. Some trees also had been affected by a tougher disease, necrosis, which again altered the structure of leaves.
  • Insects, termites and even fungi have been found on the trunk, leaves and branches of the trees. They are eating up considerable portion of the trees and curbing their growth dangerously.
  • Some trees have been badly affected by pollutants such as sulphur and nitrogen compounds and trace elements such as barium and arsenic.

Final verdict:

Immediate measures need to be taken to save trees in this area, as a major portion of them have been found to be suffering from critical health conditions.

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