Types of Formal Assessments

Formal assessments
Formal assessment is done based on the test results. Test results determine the performance of students. Overall achievement of the students is determined using formal assessments. This article mainly includes the types of formal assessments 

Formal assessments are categorized into two types

  • norm reference test – this test is used in the comparison of one student with another. Mainly this test is implemented by schools under specific conditions. The main advantage of this test is easy administration.
  • criterion reference test – in this test the performance of students is determined and compared to a certain standard instead of comparing to other students.

Types of formal assessments

Assessment through multiple choice questions
This assessment is simple assessment in which a question contains more than two options. Of those given options, only a single option is the correct answer and the rest of the options are wrong answers. This test is commonly used in almost all the disciplines. Only in this test there is a chance of guessing the answer even without knowing the correct answer.

Assessment through observation
In this type of assessment, behavior of a student is observed in the classroom. In this method, student does not take part in the assessment.

Oral test assessment
Oral test assessment is categorized under formal assessment. In oral test assessment the candidate’s pronunciation, language fluency is assessed or analyzed.

Assessment through diagnostic test
This test is involved in the determination of weaknesses and strengths of the students. Through this test, the teacher observes strengths and weaknesses and tries to implement the needs to teach the students.

Short and long answer test
Written exams do not consists of one word answers. These types of tests contain long essays. Students are given a topic and are then asked to expand the topic. These assessments depend on critical thinking but not the memory of the students. In this assessment dictionaries are also allowed. Whereas, in short answer assessment, the students should answer the questions in few sentences.

Assessment through problem solving test
Assessment through this type of tests may include math tests, or forms in which candidates should work out on the problems using some formulae to develop a solution.

Quizzes are used to measure the understanding power of the candidate or student. In quizzes, the questions are asked regarding the subject or the lesson. This assessment is very much useful in reviewing for a test. Individual quizzes may be given or quizzes may be given to a group of students to complete a quiz.

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