Vocational Education Assessment

Vocational education involves practical courses which are directly linked to any particular subject or career and through which one can gain experience and skills on that field. Therefore, vocational education assessment contains measurable factors for determining various aspects related to its process of education.

Sample Vocational Education Assessment

Vocational Education Assessment for Higher Secondary Students

Name of the school/institute: St John’s Senior Secondary School

Contact details: 46, Heather Street Texas USA

Assessment conducted by: American Board of Senior Secondary Education

Date of conducting the assessment: 6th June 2011

Purpose of the assessment:

This particular assessment would help the concern authority to determine the kind of vocational education that is being imparted to the senior secondary students. The vocational education is highly required and useful as it might give an extra edge to the students in their future career.

Methods implemented for assessment:

  • Vocational educational laws are implemented for measuring various factors like education imparting process, quality, type and performance of vocational courses etc.
  • Estimation of the current requirements of the vocational courses.
  • Case studies of various aspects to obtain an optimum result for determining the standard of vocational education provided by the institute.

Assessment Report:

Through a comprehensive study of various data accumulated from the implemented methods of assessment, it can be concluded that the institute imparts quality vocational education to the students. Even, it has been found that the vocational education provided by the institute is career-oriented. However, this course is not affiliated to any recognized board of education and is not included in curriculum for which students often tend to neglect the classes.

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