Web Health Assessment

A web health assessment is an account of a web-based health analysis that gives force to the finalization of candidates in a certain profession. It is very important to be conducted methodically and accurately as a loophole in the process or interpretation can lead to damaging results which in turn might affect the course of recruitment.

Sample Web Health Assessment

Name of the organization: US Air Force

Assessment formatted by: East Clintwood, Medical Technician

Date of assessment: 4th August, 2011

Need for conduction of the assessment: The pilots and flight lieutenants are required to play very challenging roles that involve extensive training in extreme geographical conditions. The technological means enable us to select competent candidates from all over the world.

Overview of the process: Our health care unit carries out procedural online examination of the candidate’s physical and psychological health by technologically administering tests that does not need a him to frequent the hospital grounds.

Method of operation: Willing people can sign in with our secure website and follow the instructions given. We will send you an email with a link which you will have to download, fill the questionnaires and send back the completed assessment in 10 days.

Advantages: The results, on proper analysis, give a clear view of the candidate’s physical structure including his height, weight and chest, existing ailments of the body, capacity to withstand pain, strength of bones, flexibility of torso and limbs, eyesight, hearing ability, finger dexterity and regularity of bowel movements. The psychological conditions explored are general temperament, level of anxiety, anger manifestation and degree of nervousness.

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