What are the importance of Education Assessment?

Education assessment is a dynamic analytical process for assessing the overall performance and functioning of an education system or institute. This serves as a measurable tool which helps to determine the quality of the education as well. This assessment process involves recording of various aspects like the performance of the learning institute and community such as academic workshops and sessions or classes etc. This kind of assessment is mainly performed through extensive study of a particular field that is considered to be evaluated and experimental practice that could help in gaining practical solutions for any related problems.

The importance of such an assessment is varied and offers different kind of solutions. Some of the importances are invariably same for all kinds of education assessment. They are as follows:

  • A well documented education assessment helps in gauging the efficiency of an education system or organization. In fact it reviews the entire ongoing process of the education in order to understand it in better way.
  • This is an effective way through which weak points could be eliminated from the education institute or system as well.
  • Even the risk factors associated with an education system or institute could also be determined by the help of this efficient and dynamic assessing tool.
  • It also emphasizes on the loopholes and delivers strategic planning following benchmarks and ethical standards, for improving the concerned matter so that it could impart quality education to student for their future benefit.

The kind of education assessment can vary and few of its importance remain constant for each of its kind. The assessor has to be careful in documenting such an effective measuring tool. It should be framed in such a way that it must ensure to highlight all the attributes which are mandatory for carrying out an effective education assessment.


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