What is a leadership assessment

A leadership assessment is an analysis which is conducted to determine the performance of the top brass of a company, institution, business enterprise or even the country as a whole. It must be composed in a way that it is valuable and encourages true and genuine responses from people who are part of the leadership assessment. The most common kind of leadership assessment in the United States is the leadership assessment of a company, that is, an analysis of the management of the company. There are certain parameters which have to be considered in such a leadership assessment. Some of them are as follows:

  • Success of the company: A great deal of the success of a company is due to the policy decisions, business decisions and general management displayed by the top brass of the company. The leadership assessment is either conducted regarding one particular individual helming a company, or on the entire management body.
  • Employee satisfaction: Employee satisfaction in a company is a key indicator of the positivity promoted by the leadership of the company. Since the leader of any group is always emulated, a content employee sector is a remarkable yardstick by which to measure the leadership’s potential.
  • Problem solving ability: A leader is always expected to guide his followers in times of trouble. This is an extremely important quality which determines the leadership of one claiming that honor. In a company, a leader must be able to troubleshoot at a moment’s notice, and thus resolve any crisis that may arise. He must be able to reassure those who are dependent on him

Thus, a leadership assessment ensures that true merit is recognized and due credit is given. Following the American work ethos, which has truly inspired people the world over, a true leader is an asset that must be given due consideration in the leadership assessment.

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