What is a Reading Assessment

A reading assessment is a commonly used method through which a person’s reading abilities is appraised. This is most commonly used on children to understand and develop their dexterity as a reader. Most teaching institutions employ the technique of making a child read certain portions of their text that is appropriate for his or her age and observe how well he or she has understood the text. The reading assessment is also used to strengthen the reading skills already possessed by the student. There are different kinds of reading assessment. The assessment can be both formal and informal in nature. This is generally used in the kindergarten level but can also be used in higher educational levels as well. The reading assessment is used to analyze the reading comprehension of young growing children and hence certain key elements must be kept in mind while conducting it:

  • The reading assessment is not meant for determining the accuracy of a reader. Mistakes are allowed in the assessment.
  • The assessment must be conducted with the utmost accuracy which means that details such as the student’s name, the institution’s name, the teacher’s name etc all must be carefully documented.
  • The reading assessment is generally oral. Therefore, it must be decided whether the child needs to read his text in front of an audience or in private. The latter is mostly preferred for best results.
  • The assessment can be both norm-based and criterion-based. The student must be evaluated according to his capabilities as a reader with respect to the general population or his peer group.
  • The reading assessment must carefully jot down the important points that will help improve the reading abilities of the student.

Thus, the reading assessment is essential for the over all development of a student especially those in their beginner educational levels.

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