What is a Skills Assessment

The skill assessment is a means of analyzing the skills possessed by an individual. This could range from communication, leadership qualities, academic skills, athletic skills etc. The assessment is used to measure the individual’s area of interest and his or her potential at it. The skills assessment is generally carried forth with the help of hired professionals.

The assessment is used by both freelancers and business institutions to ass individual skills and capabilities. The skills assessment is necessary to understand the individual capacity to perform given tasks and judge the quality of the performance. This type of assessment is very important during job interviews while in the process of hiring. The skills assessment takes into consideration a number of factors like social skills, corporate skills, leadership skills etc for making detailed observation of the various traits of an individual. There are number of elements that need to be kept in mind while conducting the skills assessment:

  • The skills assessments are specialized and concentrate on certain specific aspects of the candidate. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the proper assessment technique while evaluating the individual. The skills assessment can be for communication skills, technical skills etc.
  • The assessment can be done by either hired experts or by experts within the company. It is important to note down all the details pertaining to each employee while conducting the skills assessment.
  • The skilled assessment can be both oral and written. The scores from both the interview and written examination must be taken into account.
  • All observations made during the assessment should be carefully recorded for future use and purposes.
  • The skills assessment can also record special remarks about the skills of the individual being assessed.

The skills assessment, thus, is an efficient method through which the technical qualities of an individual can be evaluated.

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