What is an IT assessment

An IT assessment is a survey of the IT systems of a company or business enterprise which is conducted by externally appointed, professional IT assessment companies or agencies for a fee. This is done in order to boost IT systems at companies, which is mandatory for successful performance and smooth day to day operations of the company. An IT assessment can also be an internal assessment which is conducted by the concerned departments of the company itself. In such a case, more care should be taken to ensure that there is proper identification of problem areas.

  • An IT assessment must define the parameters which will govern the assessment. for example, the purpose of the IT assessment, the credibility of the assessing agency, the need for better IT infrastructure must be spelt out in order to create a cogent and valuable IT assessment report.
  • Such assessments must be documented well. An IT assessment is valuable only when the suggestions and advice provided by the assessors are incorporated. The current IT specifications used by the client company must be mentioned in order to distinguish them from the changes suggested. Clear and comprehensive reasons must be given in order to explain why changes are needed. The flaws of the current systems in operation must be highlighted.
  • The purpose of an IT assessment is to ensure that the daily operations of the client company can be improved by means of advances in information technology. Thus, an important component of an IT assessment is to judge the IT competence of the client company‚Äôs employees. An advanced and improved IT system can only work if there is manpower to handle the technical intricacies.
  • Finally, an IT assessment report must be clear and precise in nature. The document should be neat and organized.

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