What is an office assessment

An office assessment is an exercise which analyses the current scenario of an office and provides suggestions or improvements for change or betterment. It must be documented well, and the results of the office assessment can be kept confidential or declared as the situation and policies of the company may demand. An office assessment can be both internal and external:

  • An internal office assessment is carried out by specialized departments within the company itself.
  • An external office assessment is carried out by another company or agency which is well versed in the technical matters of an office assessment.

An office assessment depends on a number of factors which together contribute to provide an overall estimate of the office being assessed. Some of these important factors are as follows:

  • Employee satisfaction: This is an important yardstick by which the success of an office can be determined. A successful and well organized work space will have a positive impact on the employees who work there. Most American surveys that have been conducted regarding office and its importance have focused on the subject of employee satisfaction as the key determinant of the nature of an office.
  • Success and productivity: This is quite obviously an important area which reflects the overall atmosphere in an office space. If the going is good, the office resonates with positive energy and productivity. If there are losses incurred on a regular basis, the office too reflects the mood.

An office assessment must be conducted using the standard analytical tools which are used in most such assessments. The reports of the office assessment can be used to usher in a positive change. Only then the office assessment will have succeeded and made a true impact. An office assessment must be made valuable and a harbinger of welcome changes.

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