What is the Purpose of Personality Assessment

Personality assessment

Personality test or assessment is a standard instrument or a questionnaire which is used to evaluate the characteristics of an individual including honesty tests, personality tests, cognitive skills and intelligence quotients. Personality test is also called as behavioral assessments and predictive assessments. Personality assessments are mainly used in understanding the interaction between the people and their own performance. In this article what is the purpose of personality assessment is discussed in detail.

Now-a-days employers are performing personality assessment or personality test to hire the employees. Personality assessment is used in various areas like education, clinical work, research, occupation counseling. Personality assessment is conducted through paper-and-pencil tests, activity observations, and projective methods.

Personality assessments are done by using various methods or techniques like Hogan personality inventory, big five personality test, type jung personality test, compatibility personality test etc.

Purpose of personality assessment

The key purpose of the personality assessments is to identify different characteristics of the subject, to compare against common and objective information database. Personality assessment helps in narrowing the selection process.

By performing personality assessment the employer may screen the resumes and may take employment test only to the qualified candidates. Employee performance is known by personality assessment. To measure the leadership competencies personality assessment is required.

This assessment is required in developing functional competencies. This process is used to focus on specialized skills or targeted areas in order to improve in those areas. Personality assessment helps in the improvement of interview technique skills, social skills, time management, stress management etc.

Personality tests are done in order to identify the mental and potential problems. Personality tests help in increasing the accuracy of the results. Personality test is done by the employer to know about an individual and how he/she reacts to different situations or conditions. To improve good relationship with others, this personality assessment plays a major role.

It is also helpful in improving the work and the way of communication by knowing the others’ personality types. It is used in identifying specific personality characters that are ought to be measured. It is used to find out how an individual makes decision. It is helpful in knowing the energy orientation of the people.

Personality assessment is helpful in the process of recruiting, building a team, maintaining relationship with colleagues, career guidance, successful planning, leadership development, competency development etc.

It helps in understanding the interaction of the candidate with managers and customers. Personality test helps in determining thinking styles and behavior. This method is used to find out how a person is performing in the workplace.

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